Supercon Street Team… ASSEMBLE!! Want to help spread the good news about the greatest show in Florida far and wide, and earn your way to a free 4-Day Full Weekend Pass to the show in the process? If you’re in Florida and want to share Supercon good vibes with your local community as well as get a free ticket to the show, then you should definitely apply for the Supercon Street Team! The Street Team is an easy way to get involved, do your part, and make sure everyone knows about the best weekend of the year, Supercon. So what is the Supercon Street Team all about?

How it works

  • Fans from the Miami area, the suburbs around Miami, the Orlando area, the Florida Keys area, and the Tampa area are all encouraged to apply
  • Supercon Street Team applications are open until May 10
  • You will hear about the status of your application by May 17 and, if accepted into the Supercon Street Team, receive your Street Team kit by May 24
  • Supercon Street Team kits contain 500 Supercon postcards and 10 Supercon posters
  • In order to earn a free 4-Day Full Weekend Pass to Supercon, you must place a stack of 100 postcards, along with a poster if possible, in 5 separate high traffic areas. You must place your postcards and posters by June 7 in order to earn your 4-Day Full Weekend Pass to Supercon. You will be required to send 5 photos of the 5 separate postcard stacks  and posters after they are placed in order to earn your ticket.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started! As a reminder, please only place postcards and posters in legally allowed places, following local laws and getting necessary property approvals.

Supercon Street Team Application