Lana Kane

Superspy and female powerhouse Lana Kane comes to FSCW from the animated world of Archer. Lana uses her cunning and monster truck hands to destroy all comers to the ring. Lana specializes in multiple forms of martial combat and has gone toe Read More

Casey Jones

Ronin Pro-Wrestling director Trevor “T.C.” Read brings to life a Ninja Turtles cult favorite in the vigilante known as Casey Jones. Casey Jones is a colorful addition to FSCW between his interesting array of weapons and his willingness to join the fight Read More


Peter Quill is a welcomed addition to the FSCW hero roster. The Guardian of the Galaxy has the determination, the agility, and the sarcasm to overcome any challenge.  While is moves in battle are formidable, it’s his moves on the dance floor Read More


Miles Morales made a huge impact in Marvel Comics on his debut and the reaction was no less grand in his debut at Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling in 2017. This young hero has certainly given a boost to the roster at FSCW Read More


From a galaxy far, far away comes a presence FSCW has not felt in…well, ever, actually. Jakku’s junker turned Jedi has brought her own style of combat to the squared circle of cosplay wrestling. Whether it’s through her skilled move set or Read More


The icon of every video gamer around the world, Super Mario is an FSCW must and continues to delight fans whenever he shows up. The Melee Master of the Mushroom Kingdom is easily the most well-known and loved in the world of Read More


The Man, the Myth, The Mayhem known as Deadpool has been a consistent staple for FSCW in many great performances. There’s no telling who’s side he’ll join or what the Canadian assassin will do once in that ring.  The randomness of Wade Read More


Just like the skies of Tamriel are filled with the shouts of the Dovahkiin, every FSCW show fills the room with shouts for this fan favorite. A versatile wrestler, Dovahkiin can use his strength, his shouts, or his stealth to gain the Read More

Mr. Satan

The World Mixed-Martial Arts Champion is also a FSCW top competitor! Hercule Satan fights for honor! He fights for justice! He fights whenever the cameras are rolling! Usually joined by hype-man, Jimmy Firecracker, Mr. Satan brings his unusual fighting style and his Read More