Bruce Owens

Legendary referee Bruce Owens joins us as Senior Referee at FSCW.  A wrestling official since 1973, Bruce has been part of every legendary show and match Florida wrestling had to offer. At FSCW, he has become his own celebrity as fans cheer Read More

Princess Peach

Cheering on Super Mario in his corner is the every lovely Princess Peach.  The monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom has joined her hero at FSCW to give him the moral support he deserves…that and also every time he leaves her behind she Read More

April O’Neil

FSCW’s ring announcer is the TMNT ace reporter, April O’Neil.  April takes over as master of ceremonies for FSCW as she keeps the show moving along amongst all the mayhem, melee, Negans, and HR letters about Commissioner Zapp Brannigan.  April O’Neil is Read More

Master Roshi

FSCW’s favorite women’s match referee! Representing Dragon Ball Z, Master Roshi can be see either offering sage advice to competitors, officiating women’s matches, or sometimes joining in the matches himself. Master Roshi is played by long-time Florida wrestler, Flex Magnum.  Wrestling since Read More