The One-Man Apocalypse is just that here at FSCW.  The veteran of the Australian Liberation Front is here to give out bruises more than getting belts. His goal is to show FSCW that he’s the toughest and most dangerous man out there Read More


The savage demon of Outworld is a deadly addition to the FSCW roster. The reoccurring Mortal Kombat character is a wildcard in any match and consistently surprises fans and opponents in her tactics. Coming from Outworld, there is no question that being Read More


From the video game Overwatch, the Australian madman named Junkrat comes to FSCW for the promise of wealth, fame, and causing a ruckus whenever he can. The Czar of Cybernetics and Emperor of Explosions has clashed with several heroes and villains in Read More


The “better” half of Pokemon’s Team Rocket and, if you ask her, the brains of the outfit.  Like her partner, Jessie’s goal in FSCW is to cement her name as the greatest force that ever entered the FSCW arena. SO far Jessie Read More


In all of Anime, there aren’t many villains as iconic or world-recognized as Team Rocket from Pokemon. James makes up half of this troublemaking twosome, thought ends up taking more than that percentage in beatings during their matches. Their goal in FSCW Read More


There is barely a force out there as vicious and unpredictable as Victor Creed, the mutant known as Sabretooth.  The terror of the Canadian wilderness, this Weapon X alumni is a force to behold and an absolute monster in the ring. With Read More


There are not many forces as chaotic and unpredictable as League of Legend’s own Jinx. And there’re not many wrestlers out there that can accurately portray that as well as female wrestler and actress Leva Bates. Bates has added her own spin Read More


As treacherous as she is dangerous, the sorceress known as Evil-Lyn may be part of Skeletor’s Evil Horde, but her plans are definitely her own. The opportunistic mage of malice has several times come close to championship gold, and it’s only a Read More

Batroc Ze Leaper

A mercenary from France who has been a thorn in the side of Marvel Comics heroes for years, Batroc now comes to FSCW to stir up copious amounts of mayhem in his quest to be seen as the greatest villain of all Read More


Myah! Fools! The rightful Lord of Eternia is here at FSCW to watch you all bow before him. The FSCW Championship is only the tip of the iceberg in the machinations of this merciless mastermind. Skeletor leads the Evil Horde and dominate Read More


The back-breaking bruiser from Batman comics comes to FSCW to prove his awesome power in the ring. Bane has consistently gotten in the way of the FSCW heroes to further his own dark agenda. To make matters worse, Bane has currently joined Read More