Crew Application

Crew Applications for Florida Supercon 2019 are LIVE NOW!


Our staff tell us that making friends is the number one reason they keep coming back, and we try to give crew opportunities before, during, and after the event to grow those friendships.

Crew and Staff are needed for the following departments:

  • Late Night Panel ID Checking: Thou shall not pass – without your ID! Your job is to make sure no one under the age of 18 gets in to late night activities and panels.
  • Artist Alley/Comic Guest Relations: Your job here will be to walk around the dealer room and check up on the comic book guests and artists. You will be assisting with booth/vending and provide breaks, along with fetching them food or drink.
  • Autograph Line Control: Assist fans getting to their favorite stars for autographs, selfies and more!
  • Cosplay HQ: It’s a bird, it’s a plane – you’ll see what it is when you assist the attendees with signing up for the costume contest! Your job will be assisting in Cosplay HQ where you might help sign fans up, control the line for prejudging, and helping backstage for the main event.
  • Greeter/Entry Hall: “Welcome to Supercon!” Is what you’ll be saying in this role. Your job here will be providing people with warm greetings, and sharing information of the venue, locations, and events during the program.
  • Family HQ: In this role, you’ll work with the kids of Supercon, and other programs involving them throughout the weekend.
  • Info Booth: Your job here will be to assist attendees with basic needs and knowledge. This ranges from location, seating, and to knowledge of many events for them to attend over the weekend.
  • Panels: Your job here will be assisting panelists and fan groups during their panels and presentations at the show. This could range from watching the door to ensure we don’t overfill a room to wrangling props from one room to the next!
  • Photo Ops Line Control: Direct the lines at Photo Ops to make sure everyone has a quick and enjoyable experience obtaining their photo op with their favorite guests!
  • Show Floor: Help direct fans throughout the Exhibition hall and answer questions as they come!
  • Show Store: Join the gang behind the Show Store as they handle everyone’s favorite merch over the weekend!
  • Stages: It’s your chance to break a leg – and assist with the stage! Your job under this title will be to assist with turn around time of our main events. It is needed to have knowledge and experience with scheduling and managing the stage for our main events, mostly guiding the guests and attendees.
  • TableTop Gaming: D20? D6? You have to have some knowledge of table top gaming for this department or your adventure could be catastrophic! Your job here will be handing out proper games and retrieving every item back for the convention.
  • Video Gaming: Your job here is to make sure all the equipment is working properly, that none of it gets stolen, and that the tournaments are run on time. You’ll get some experience points for having knowledge of the latest video games, and how to set it up, but it could mean GAME OVER if you don’t!

The earlier you register to volunteer the better your chances of getting assigned to the department you request.

There are many different opportunities at the con. Some of the crew positions call for specific skills and experience, but many will only need enthusiasm, dedication, trust, and creativity. If this sounds like an opportunity for you please complete the Crew Application Form and send it to us. The earlier you send, the better.


For further information about volunteering before or after the convention please contact or call 800-598-1055