Pop Asia

OKAERI FELLOW OTAKUS!! You've finally made it to your sanctuary. If you ever wanted to dance like BLACKPINK, become a Pokémon gym leader for a weekend or just gush over your newfound manga obsession- Pop Asia is your home! With interactive experiences, gaming, local cultural partners and anime/manga retailers- this is your own little anime convention! 



Want to learn about Japan without having to travel there? Look no further because Pop Asia is home to some of the best and most fascinating local cultural partners! Here’s who’s coming to the show:

Fushu Daiko, Taiko Drumming Group

Since our beginning in 1990, Fushu Daiko has practiced joyously on a quest for dynamic wholehearted taiko drumming, understanding, and appreciation in the way of taiko, Japanese culture, and all of life.

Fushu Daiko is made up of many nationalities and backgrounds, yet we have been drawn together by the taiko.  Through its vibrations, Fushu Daiko wishes to create a sense of connection in the hearts of those who feel the taiko’s beat.

Fushu Daiko will be performing on Sunday 3 times: (12:15pm ET, 1:10pm ET, 2:00pm ET). 

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Since opening in 1977, Morikami has been a center for Japanese arts and culture in South Florida. With rotating exhibitions, cultural demonstrations, educational outreach programs with local schools and organizations, and special events celebrated for the public several times a year, Morikami strives to spread appreciation for the living culture of Japan. Our mission at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is to engage a diverse audience by presenting Japanese cultural experiences that educate and inspire.

Morikami will be hosting some of these amazing panels: 

  • Introduction to Japanese Fashion - Kimono, yukata, jinbei, hakama…. Learn about different styles of traditional Japanese clothing!
  • Itadakimasu! Japanese Food in Anime - Does Japanese food in anime really look like that in Japan? Journey from the phenomenon of sushi in the United States to sushi in Japan and beyond. Expand your horizon on Japanese food outside of just sushi and rice.
  • Kowai Yo! Demons, Monsters, and Spirits in Japan - Explore the world of yokai, the demons, monsters, and spirits from Japanese folklore, as they appear through anime and even games. 



Want to take a load off from the Show Floor and just read a good book? Heard about a great series and want to see what all the fuss is about? You're in for a treat manga fans – because we've got you covered.

New as of this year, we’ve launched a brand new lending library of over 500 books of manga for you to dive into! Best news – if you've got a badge, that's all you need! Stop by and dive in to a great book!


Ever wondered how to swing a sword like Tanjiro or dance like you’re a member of BTS? In Pop Asia, there is the chance to do all of that and so much more! We’ve got origami, masks, k-pop dance sessions, and From Samurai sword training, to viral dance lessons to anime themed school yard games- let out some steam, run around and enjoy our very own interactive area! 


Find Mew World Order at Pop Asia! They’re hosting a series of Pokémon programming, including raffles, a scavenger hunt, gym challenge, and more across the entire weekend! Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

The Sword and Shield Pokémon Gym Challenge - Bring your Nintendo Switch with a copy of Pokémon Sword or Shield and face off with some of the toughest Gym Leaders you've ever encountered. Earn unique badges from each from this free event.

Pokémon Scavenger Hunt – Start your hunt at the Mew World Order booth. Follow clues that will lead you to experience the best the con has to offer! Take pictures with your favorite Pokémon of different types and complete all the location to win a special prize! *While supplies last* There may even be a few additional benefits to visiting some of these hinted locations!


Rug Tufting: Join the team at Miami Pottery as they demonstrate the art of rug making. Come learn what it takes to create a custom rug and enter a raffle to win a special handmade rug the team will be designing on site at the show!

Make Your Own Ramen Bowl: Enjoy the unique experiences of making your very own ramen bowl!

These special classes are open on-site on Friday, 9/10.


Don’t forgot to check out the full schedule for panels with your favorite anime voice actors, trivia, panels on weird and wild japan, sing-a-longs, anime screenings and late-night programming - Pop Asia is your home for all things anime, manga, K-pop, culture and more!