Who will be in the Pride Lounge?

Welcome to the Florida Supercon Pride Lounge! This year our Pride Lounge is brought to you by Pridelines. Pridelines has been supporting and empowering South Florida’s LGBTQ+ youth and community since 1982 by creating safe and diverse spaces that promote dialogue, wellness, education and foster social change. Pridelines offers assistance to those in need focusing on underserved and marginalized populations and communities within South Florida, they pride themselves on advocating for Social Justice on a local, national, and international level.

Prism FL, Inc is an LGBTQ+ non-profit organization centered in South Florida. PRISM’s mission is to provide LGBTQ+ youth, especially LGBTQ+ people of color with accessible resources to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, politicians, and everything in-between. PRISM works to benefit the community by educating the youth through online resources and local events, as well as supporting student organizers through initiatives like the PRISM Student Ambassador Program and advocating for disenfranchised communities within the LGBTQ+ sphere.

What’s happening in the Pride Lounge?

Here is a small selection of panels and events you’ll find here throughout the weekend!

LGBTQ Cosplay Inclusivity

This panel discusses the importance of inclusivity within the convention space. It touches upon key subjects such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, and body positivity. Most notedly how it impacts intersecting communities such as (POC) that identify as LGBTQ within the convention space. Cosplay is an art form, and it should be accessible to everyone with no regard to race, sexuality, identity, or body shape. Join us as we touch upon key hot topics like "Cosplay is not consent!" Our primary goal is to educate and foster a safe and affirming space.


  • Rasaki IG @Rasaki.works
  • Guppy Chi IG @guppy_chi
  • Kelsey Draven IG @puhoy

LGBTQ Film/Art - Importance of Representation

This panel includes a diverse mix of LGBTQ artists and performers within the LGBTQ. It creates the opportunity to engage with the community to discuss the importance of representation and the importance of supporting the arts. It touches upon professional and personal experiences surrounding LGBTQ artwork, film, and media.


  • Alexis Bosch IG @_likeabosch_
  • Ana Maria IG @nitastrokes

The History of Drag and Cosplay with Drag performance

Come for the show and stay for the education! This panel features talented artists and performers that sit where the drag and cosplay communities intersect. It discusses the history of drag, the history of cosplay, and what it's like being in both scenes at once. Cosplay and drag have distinctly queer audiences and the overlap between them is unique, thriving, and proud!


  • Kevin Dixon IG @kevindixonisking
  • Ivanna Hue IG @ivannahue
  • Daviana IG @dah.vee.anna
  • Alain IG @itsalainsworld
  • Queen Adelaide IG @queenaddie96

Anime-inspired Live Interactive Art installation

Join us in the art space for your chance to take part in the creation of an Anime inspired art piece. Artist Ana Maria of #NitaStrokes sets up to give you the chance to be a part of the big picture within the community. Take part in painting a portion of a large installation or stop by to see how it's turning out! If you are a Sailor moon fan you won’t want to miss out. In the name of the moon, I will paint with you!


  • Ana Maria IG @nitastrokes

LGBTQ Tabling and Gaming Area

Join us in the main tabling area to learn more about the organizations and artists that help to make this all possible. Enjoy photo opportunities, get the latest on what our team is up to, grab some LGBTQ merch, and help support the community. Meet our Drag Kings and Queens and connect with them. Engage in some fun jumbo games like community Jenga and Connect 4!


  • Maxx Fenning IG @prsim.fl @maxxfenning
  • Bryan Santos IG @poutyhero
  • CJ Walden IG @christiancjwalden
  • Willam Bellot IG @thrivinginprosperity
  • Jamal Morris IG @imlamaj
  • Bella Martinez IG @color_meh_beautiful
  • Artists, Drag Performers, Panelists, Artists

Wellness Linkage Center

If you are interested in connecting with our wellness team, ask about opportunities for health and testing. Stop by and grab free condoms and wellness goodies. Ask about how you can win a free Funko pop! We are providing free and confidential HIV testing on-site to eligible individuals or those with parental consent. Meet with our team and learn more about all the linkage options you have within the community. Get info on trans support options, youth programming, wellness groups, and meetups in Miami Florida! Brought you by Pridelines and our sponsor AHF.

Operated by:

  • Pridelines IG @pridelines
  • AHF IG @ahfsouth

“Eat the Cake” Anime Ball

Join us for the very first ANIME ball! Thriving in Prosperity a nonprofit organization that helps to serve POC within the Ballroom community will be showcasing an open to all Ball! In an effort to support all communities and create space to blend worlds we are excited to see the community's best! Bring it to the runway and serve your best anime looks. This is open to all ages and individuals wanting to participate. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 participants.

Run by:

  • Willam Bellot IG @thrivinginprosperity
  • Jamal Morris IG @imlamaj
  • Bella Martinez IG @color_meh_beautiful

*Artist, performers, and panelists subject to change pending confirmation and scheduling