Sponsorships and Advertising

Let us be your guide to SUPER sales at Florida Supercon!

We can help you REACH 55,000 attendees through advertising before, during, and after the event on a number of platforms; Including Social Media, Printed signage and handouts, area and activity sponsorship, and more!



Social Media

Reach 180k+ fans across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by sponsoring a post to our followers! Pricing is per post.

  • Facebook Post: Pre-Show – $300
  • Facebook Post: Week of Show – $600
  • Instagram Post: Pre-Show – $300
  • Instagram Post: Week of Show – $600
  • Twitter Post: Pre-Show – $300
  • Twitter Post: Week of Show – $500


These newsletters provide fans with the most up-to-date Supercon news and announcements. With over 97k subscribers it’s the perfect way to position your content next to our biggest announcements each week.

  • Newsletter inclusion: Pre-Show – $300
  • Twitter Post: Week of Show – $600




Influence our attendees at the show and after they get home with our Program Guide Advertising.

  • Cover 2 or 3 – $1,800
  • Cover 4  – $2,000
  • Full page – $1,500
  • Half page – $995
  • Page Facing Cover 2 – $1,750
  • Page Facing Cover 3 – $1,500
  • Spread – $2,750



Your graphics will be featured on a double-sided sign that can go anywhere around the Show! The signs are 3’ wide and almost 8’ tall. Production fees included.

  • Double-Sided Meterboard – $1,500


Party Sponsor

Florida Supercon hosts parties each night of the show! From exclusive VIP parties featuring celebrity appearances to All-Ages Dance Parties where the whole family can have fun! Sponsoring a party is a surefire way to align your brand with fun! 

  • Presenting Party Sponsor: $2,750
  • Supporting Party Sponsor: $1,300

Cosplay HQ Sponsor

Cosplay HQ is where the most impressive displays of fandom can be displayed for all to enjoy! Be a part of our cosplay contests, activities, or repair station to connect with dedicated and experienced fans who know how to show off! 

  • Cosplay Presenting Sponsor: $13,000
  • Cosplay Associate Sponsor: $6,000
  • Cosplay Prize Sponsor: $1,250
  • Cosplay Repair Sponsor: $1,000

Family HQ Sponsor

Family HQ includes fun for the entire family of fans! Meet & greet with characters from cartoons, movies, and comics or partake in educational activities for kids! It’s the best place for the family to enjoy the show together.

  • Family HQ Presenting Sponsor: $2,500
  • Activity Sponsor: $2,500


80% of Florida Supercon attendees have an interest in Video Gaming and/or Tabletop Gaming. Reach out to these fans by being a part of our Gaming arena, tournaments, or retail space!

  • Gaming Demo Table: $595
  • Gaming Retail 10×10: $995
  • Gaming Tournament: $3,000


Get your logo in front of all 55,000 attendees by sponsoring the item they wear all weekend! Badges, Lanyards, Shirts, and more are available.

  •  Lanyards: $4,500
  •  Exhibitor Badges Per Unit: $125
  • Full Badges Per Unit: $85
  • Badge Art: $7,500
  • Staff/Crew Shirts: $2,500

& More!

The sky is the limit when it comes to promoting your brand, item, or service at Supercon! We’re always open to working with you and coming up with unique ideas and activations to include but here are some common non-traditional opportunities that truly stand out to fans:

  • Official Energy Drink: $10,000
  • Anime Area Presenting: $4,000
  • Bar Sponsorship: $20,000
  • Exhibitor Reception Party: $3,500

For any questions or concerns you can contact amber@reedpop.com