Star Trek

Star Trek beams into Supercon 2018!

Meet William Shater “Captain James T. Kirk”, Gates McFadden “Dr. Beverly Crusher.”, & Nana Visitor “Major Kira Nerys” at Supercon!

Professional Photo Ops:

William Shatner Photo Op: $80 BUY NOW
Gates McFadden Photo Op: $50 BUY NOW
Nana Visitor Photo Op: $50 BUY NOW
Photo Ops include an 8×10 print available within minutes and a digital copy sent via email.
If photo op tickets do not sell out in advance of the event, they will be available with cash only at the photo op booth / area, HOWEVER we highly recommend purchasing online in advance to ensure you get a photo. For more information on professional photo ops, CLICK HERE.


William Shatner Autograph: $80 BUY NOW
Gates McFadden Autograph: $40 – Available at the show
Nana Visitor Autograph: $40 – Available at the show

Table Side Photos:

Nana Visitor Table Side Photos: $30
William Shatner & Gates McFadden will only be taking professional photo ops at this time.