Hit The Stage : Vol.(3)
K-Pop Dance Cover Contest

Participation Rules

  • All submissions will be done online. There will be no sign-ups at the convention.
  • The deadline for submission entry is June 3rd at 11:59pm EST. Contestants will be notified via email whether they are in the contest or on the waiting list after the deadline ends.
  • The contest will be held at Florida Supercon, exact date and time TBD.
  • One entry per contestant! Please refrain from entering in multiple groups or solos.
  • All participants must have their own ticket to Florida Supercon to participate in the contest.

Application Requirements

  • Each entry must include a “preliminary dance video” along with their application submission. This video must be a cover or performance of any K-Pop dance cover, be at least 60 seconds long, and be shared via YouTube link (make sure this video is not set to ‘Private’). This video does not need to be your performance entry song.
  • Performance entry song(s) MUST be a K-Pop song and 75% of the performance must be the official choreography. Medleys must be limited to two songs!
  • The performance minimum is 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes.
  • First come, first served! Emails about song choice repeats will be sent to those who submitted applications. Prepare a back-up choice!

Performance Information

  • Contestants will be emailed information regarding performance order, day of check-in location, and contest location closer to the convention date.
  • Participants must be 15-years-old or older to compete.
  • Dress to impress! Outfits help make the performance, but remember to keep your clothing and performance rated PG-13.
  • Please note that props, including chairs, will not be provided for you through the convention.
  • All contestants must bring their own props for their performance. Please refrain from any props that may harm audience members or other contestants, such as glitter, confetti, or anything being thrown off stage. You will be asked to inform us about prop usage in your confirmation email.

Email [email protected] for any other questions.