Logo and Brand Guidelines

Any use of the Florida Supercon logo on printed or digital materials MUST be approved by the Supercon team prior to being printed or promoted. Please email us a sample of how you plan to use the logo and we will provide feedback quickly.

Downloadable Logo Assets

Florida Supercon Main Logo

Blue By ReedPop 
Print / Digital

White By ReedPop 
Print / Digital

1 Color Black
Print / Digital

1 Color White 
Print / Digital

General Rules for Florida Supercon Logo Assets

Logo Color Guidelines

Supercon Pink

RGB: 240 / 99 / 153
HEX: #F06399

Supercon Yellow

RGB: 252 / 237 / 51

Supercon Blue

RGB: 0 / 153 / 214
HEX: #0099D6

Supercon Orange

RGB: 236 / 103 / 40
HEX: #EC6728

Supercon Light Blue

RGB: 186 / 226 / 243

Supercon Purple

RGB: 86 / 59 / 140
HEX: #553B8C

Incorrect Usage

  • Don't alter the color of the logo or add embellishments, such as glows, drop shadows, gradients, textures, patterns, or images intentionally added into the knockout.

  • Don't rotate or tilt the logo.

Use of Florida Supercon Event Name

Our event name should be written out as Florida Supercon in the first mention and abbreviated to Supercon after that. Any other spellings or abbreviations of our name are incorrect.

If you have additional questions or concerns about how to use our logo, please email us.