Hot Debut: Sexy K-Pop Show (18+)

Participation Rules

  • All submissions will be done online. There will be no sign-ups at the convention unless stated otherwise.
  • The deadline for submission entry is June 15th, 11:59pm EST. Submissions will be treated on a first come, first served basis. There will be a waiting list if submissions surpass the amount of available spots and those applicants will be notified if there are any new open spots.
  • The show will be held at Florida Supercon on Friday, June 30 (exact time TBD).
  • One entry per performer! Please refrain from applying in multiple groups or solos.
  • All participants must have their own ticket to Florida Supercon to participate in the show.

Application Requirements

  • Performance entry song(s) MUST be a K-Pop song or medley. You may do any choreography from original, freestyle, or studio choreography.
  • The performance minimum is 2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • First come, first served! Emails about song choice repeats will be sent asap to those who submitted applications. Prepare a back-up choice!

Performance Rules & Info

  • Participants must be 18-years-old or older to participate. Please do not apply if you are not willing to commit to performing in this adult show!
  • Performers may wear revealing clothing for their performance, but please refrain from removing articles of clothing to the point of nudity. Any questions about this may be asked directly to K!Junkies via Instagram or email.
  • Please note that props, including chairs, will not be provided for you through the convention (unless given permission). All performers must bring their own props for their performance. Please refrain from any props that may harm audience members or other performers, such as glitter, confetti, or anything being thrown off stage.
  • Walking down to the audience will be allowed for your performance. If you wish to include an audience member as part of your set, please ask for consent beforehand.
  • We ask that you apply with full commitment to performing to avoid last minute drop-outs. There are limited spots for our show and we want to make sure serious performers reserve these spots.
  • Reminder that this is a SEXY K-Pop showcase - your performance may range from tamed sexy concept songs to risqué choreography, but must be in the sexy concept category. This is a serious dance show - please no joke performances.

Email [email protected] for any other questions.