Pride Lounge

Welcome to the Florida Supercon Pride Lounge! This year our Pride Lounge is brought to you by a coalition of nonprofit organizations working together to bring you a safe and affirming space for those who identify as LGBTQ and are allied with the community. Each of these amazing organizations works tirelessly to support and serve the community.

Coalition Organizations

Through education, prevention, research, care and treatment and support services, Care Resource improves upon the health and overall quality of life of our diverse South Florida communities in need.

Prism FL, Inc is an LGBTQ+ non-profit organization centered in South Florida. PRISM’s mission is to provide LGBTQ+ youth, especially LGBTQ+ people of color with accessible resources to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, politicians, and everything in-between. PRISM works to benefit the community by educating the youth through online resources and local events, as well as supporting student organizers through initiatives like the PRISM Student Ambassador Program and advocating for disenfranchised communities within the LGBTQ+ sphere.

The Pride Center works to create an environment of empowerment, affirmation, and inclusion for all Panthers of diverse genders and orientations through education, advocacy, and celebration. The Pride Center is supported by the Office of Social Justice and Inclusion.

We are an educational cosplay group that welcomes all and supports making connections through performance, tutorials, educational talks. Our goal is to share our passion for cosplay and help support younger generations in their cosplay expressions and creativity. We believe that everyone should share in the joy of cosplay!

The McKenzie Project Inc. is a new Black trans-led organization in South Florida. We aim to uplift Black transgender and Nonbinary individuals ages 18 and up, throughout Miami Dade and Broward County, with a primary focus on Black transgender and Nonbinary folks ages 18 and up. Our mission is to live, learn, and participate in building community and centering spaces by and for Black transgender and nonbinary individuals to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in order for us to become self-sufficient and flourish.

TransSOCIAL was created to promote unity within the Transgender community, and to increase Trans visibility and understanding in our surrounding communities. Our mission is to expand safe and affirming resources for our Trans and LGBQIA+ community. We are the leading provider of name and gender marker assistance to Trans folks in the state of Florida! We also provide linkage to local support group meetings, services and resources within our referral partner network, and host social gatherings and educational events to benefit our community.

We recognize that the entire LGBTQ community has the right to quality care, our mission is to provide critical life assistance and professional mental health services with an emphasis on economically disadvantaged, marginalized youth, adults and seniors in the greater South Florida metropolitan area.

Pride Lounge Schedule