EAC Form


Submitting this online EAC form with an authorizing exhibitor signature acknowledges that you will abide by, are fully aware of and understand all show guidelines, rules, display regulations, requirements and union jurisdictions on this event. That you the exhibitor and the requested EAC have read the exhibitor manual produced by Show Management available online for all interested parties to review.

  • This form may only be submitted by the exhibitor. Please complete one form per EACs and submit by deadline date (June 24, 2022).
  • Show Management can not accept letters, telephone calls, or submissions in any other form or submissions in any form directly from third party vendors/contractors.
  • If you need further assistance, please email [email protected] or call 203.840.5899.

EACs are NOT ALLOWED to perform or provide these services and or labor (Union rules and regulations apply) for the following areas:

Drayage, Fork and Genie Lift Operations, Overhead Rigging, Electrical Services, Plumbing Services, Telecommunication Services, Booth Cleaning, Booth Security and Catering (F&B).

Note: Please complete all fields or you will be unable to submit the form.